Research on Noise-induced Transitions

I have carried out research in this topic in collaboration with Dr. J. Güémez (from the Universidad de Cantabria). Our research started when we discovered a transition induced by noise between a chaotic attractor and a fixed-point attractor coexisting with it. Later we discovered other types of transitions too. Our work relied on a master-equation representation of the noisy dynamics in a finite-size chemical reaction.

The following papers contain our results in this field:

  1. J. Güémez and M.A. Matías, Internal fluctuations in a model of chemical chaos, Physical Review E 48, R2351-R2353 (1993). (Rapid Communication)
  2. M.A. Matías and J. Güémez, On the effects of molecular fluctuations on models of chemical chaos, Journal of Chemical Physics 102, 1597-1606 (1995).
  3. J. Guémez and M.A. Matías, Intrinsic-noise-induced transitions in chaotic systems
    Physical Review E 51, 3059-3068 (1995).

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