Research on Synchronization in Arrays
of Chaotic Analog Circuits

I have carried out research in this topic after starting a collaboration with the Group of Dr. V. Pérez-Muñuzuri (from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela). Later, Esteban Sánchez (at the E.T.S. de Ingeniería Industrial) started doing experimental work along these lines in Béjar (near Salamanca). Most of our work has been done by implementing experimentally the method introduced by Güémez and myself.

The following papers contain our results in this field:

  1. M.N. Lorenzo, I.P. Mariño, V. Pérez-Muñuzuri, M.A. Matías, and V. Pérez-Villar, Synchronization waves in arrays of driven chaotic systems, Physical Review E 54, R3094-R3097 (1996). (Rapid Communication)
  2. E. Sánchez, M.A. Matías, and V. Pérez-Muñuzuri, Chaotic synchronization in small assemblies of driven Chua's circuits, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-Part I (in press).

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