Roberta Zambrini


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She is at present:
- Divisional Associate Editor of PRL
- and in the editorial board of Proceedings A and Journal of Physics Communications


PI of the research projects:
- QuaResC, Quantum machine learning using reservoir computing, AEI (2020-23) Coordinated national project, Miguel C. Soriano and Roberta Zambrini
- QUAREC, Machine learning with quantum reservoir computing, CAIB
- EPHEQUCS, Emergent phenomena and decoherence in quantum complex systems, MINECO (2017-19)
- NOMAQ, Non-Markovian effects in stuctured environments, MINECO (2015-2017)
- QuProCS, Quantum probes for complex systems, H2020 FET-PROACTIVE Q-SIM (2015-2018). Coord. S.Maniscalco
- DiSQuC, Dinamica de Sistemas Cuanticos Complejos, UIB (2010-11)
- ECuSCo, Efectos Cuanticos en Sistemas Complejos, CSIC (2008-09)
- QULMI, Quantum light in microdevices, Govern Balear (2007-08)

Participation in other research projects (more recent):
- FISICOS, Fisica Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos, Proyecto Consolider C, FIS2007-60327 (2007-2011). Coordinator: Prof. M. San Miguel
- COQUSYS, Complexity and Quantum Systems, CSIC (2009-2012). Coordinator: Prof. M. San Miguel
- TIQS, Transport and quantum information in complex systems (2012-2014). Coordinator: Dr. Llorens Serra

Participation in research networks (more recent):
- MC member of COST action 1209 (international network, 2014-2017): Thermodynamics in the quantum regime (MP1209)
- Part of the management of RICE (Spanish Network, 2014-2016): Quantum Information Network
- Part of the management of RICTE (Spanish Network, 2017-2019, renewed 2020-23): Quantum Information and technologies Network


Master in Physics of Complex Systems at IFISC. 2012-present:
Introduction to complex systems;
Quantum physics for complex systems;
Quantum and nonlinear optics.


Advisor of the OSA-IFISC student chapter from 2009 to 2017. During these years we organized solar car races, laser graffiti, modern optics days, etc... A lot of fun!
Present at the Balearic Islands science fair several times.
Part of the 11FBalears platform


Exploratory workshop "Complex Quantum Systems", IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: R. Zambrini and D. Sanchez
"Second Quantum Themodynamics Conference", IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: R. Zambrini, F.Galve, R. Lopez, D. Sanchez, and L.Serra.
ICE-3 conference and first RICE school , IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: F.Galve, G.L.Giorgi, T.Borras, and R.Zambrini.
II QuProCS meeting, IFISC, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: F.Galve and R.Zambrini.
Crossroads in Complex Systems , 5-8 June 2017, IFISC, Mallorca, Spain, on occasion of the 10th anniversary of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems. Organizers: P. Colet, E. Hernández-García, M. Matías, M. San Miguel, R. Toral, R. Zambrini.
Organization of XXV Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics CEWQO, from 21 to 25 May 2018, Campus UIB, Mallorca, Spain. Organizers: R. Zambrini and F. Galve.
Co-organizer of the satellite meeting on Quantum Networks in NetSci2020S, September 18, 2020


Roberta Zambrini: tenured researcher at IFISC
Office 206, Ed. Instituts Universitari, Campus UIB, E-07122, Mallorca, Spain
tel: +34 971 259519, fax: +34 971 173426