Final programme
The program of the workshop is as follows:

Programme - PDF version


18:00-20:00 Reception


09:00 Opening
Chair Person Rolf Haug
09:15 Markus Buttiker
Rectification and fluctuations relations in electrical conductors
09:50 Lukas Worschech
Nonlinear transport and logic operations with nanoelectronic devices
10:25 Raúl Toral
Fluctuation-dissipation relation in a random-field model
11:00 Break
Chair Person Bogdan Bulka
11:30 Laurent Saminadayar
Kondo effect in side-coupled quantum dots
12:05 Gergely Zarand
Spin current noise spectra of interacting quantum dots
12:40 Sabine Andergassen
Dynamical transport in correlated quantum dots: a renormalization-group analysis
13:15 Lunch
Chair Person Klaus Ensslin
15:00 Yuli Nazarov
Half-Josephson Laser
15:35 Audrey Cottet
Inducing triplet superconducting correlations in a normal metal wire
16:10 Jan Martinek
Molecular spintronics: Spin polarized transport through quantum dots and molecules
16:45 Return
20:00 Dinner


Chair Person Markus Buttiker
09:15 Klaus Ensslin
Transport through hybrid quantum dots
09:50 Tobias Brandes
Feedback Control of Quantum Transport
10:25 Joerg P. Kotthaus
Nonequilibrium interactions between GaAs-based quantum devices
11:00 Break
Chair Person Luis Bonilla
11:30 Antti-Pekka Jauho
Transport in graphene antidot lattices
12:05 Maura Sassetti
Local Franck-Condon factors in suspended carbon nanotubes quantum dots
12:40 Guido Burkard
Spin and valley control in carbon quantum dots
13:15 Lunch
Chair Person Gloria Platero
15:00 Javier Tejada
Magnetic Deflagration
15:35 Takis Kontos
Dynamic response of a Kondo dot in a photonic cavity
16:10 Pascal Simon
Nuclear spin ordering and Majorana edge states in interacting one-dimensional systems
16:45 Return
20:00 Dinner


Chair Person Maura Sassetti
9:15 Rolf Haug
Spin Effects in Transport through Quantum Dots
9:50 Bogdan Bulka
Spin Stark effect in nanostructures
10:25 Mircea Crisan
Effect of electron-phonon interaction on non-equilibrium transport through single molecular dot in the Coulomb blockade regime
11:00 Break
Chair Person Tobias Brandes
11:30 Luis Bonilla
Spatially confined Bloch oscillations in semiconductor superlattices
12:05 Janine Splettstoesser
Charge and spin dynamics of an interacting quantum dot
12:40 Gloria Platero
Topology and phase: two ways to control the coherent dynamics of electrons
13:15 Lunch
Chair Person Tobias Brandes
15:00 Jaroslav Fabian
Spin-orbit coupling in nanostructures
15:35 Poster Session
17:15 Return
20:00 Banquet


Chair Person Yuli Nazarov
9:15 Hans W. Schumacher
Semiconductor based quantized current and voltage sources
9:50 Mykhailo Moskalets
Mesoscopic circuits with single-electron sources
10:25 Peter Samuelsson
Proposal for non-local electron-hole turnstile in the Quantum Hall regime
11:00 Break
Chair Person Antti-Pekka Jauho
11:30 Fabio Taddei
Josephson quantum electron pump: theory and experiment
12:05 Ramon Aguado
Josephson current in carbon nanotubes with spin-orbit interaction
13:15 Lunch
15:00 Departure