Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Heuristic measures for multi-step correlations in molecular networks

Author: Jacob Bock Axelsen, Centro de Astrobiologia.

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Oral presentation

We have studied the full protein reaction network of E.coli and the
regulatory network of S.cerevisiae. In the case of E.coli we define
signalling as a property of given paths. By counting the number of
protein species involved in a given reaction path we find that signals
rarely escape their local neighborhood. We detect modules by
condensing the network into strong components, thus showing that the
real network is subcritical. In S.cerevisiae we study the regulatory
network by the use of annotations, sequence similarities and
expression dynamics. We find that the signalling is dictated by
dynamical processes centered on hubs which in turn are largely

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks. February 18-20th, 2008. Mallorca, Spain.