Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Evolutionary engineering of complex dynamical networks

Author: Alexander S. Mikhailov, Fritz Haber Institute.

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Oral presentation

Engineering of complex networks is a major challenge. Today, even the best rationally designed networks are inferior to the networks resulting from natural evolution. Modern computers are well behind the information processing capacity of the brain, despite the fact it is based on the elements which are intrinsically very slow. Inside a single biological cell, thousands of different molecular manufacturing and delivery processes proceed in parallel, in a crowded environment in the presence of strong thermal fluctuations, and, nonetheless, characterized by the level of predictability and robust adaptability unprecedented for human designed manufacturing and transportation systems. This suggests that evolutionary optimization approaches may be efficient in the design of artificial networks. In this talk, I provide a review of our recent studies exploring possibilities of evolutionary design of artificial dynamical networks with prescribed functional properties.

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks. February 18-20th, 2008. Mallorca, Spain.