Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Controlling Chaos in Network Dynamics

Author: Santiago Gil, Fritz Haber Institute.

Names and affiliation of other authors:
Santiago Gil & Alexander S. Mikhailov
Physical Chemistry Department
Fritz Haber Institut
Berlin, Germany

Oral presentation

A network of coupled phase oscillators is considered. Interactions
between the oscillators are characterized by phase shifts, effectively
taking into account interaction delays. We show that in this simple
model coherent collective dynamics can emerge. Alternatively, chaos can
develop when interaction phase shifts are large enough. Introducing a
global feedback, chaotic behavior can be suppressed, giving rise to
localized structures in the network with complex dynamical behavior.
This transition scenario is analyzed, and special attention is paid to
the dynamical properties of self-organized structures.

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks. February 18-20th, 2008. Mallorca, Spain.