Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Diversity induced effects in the dynamics of social systems

Author: Raul Toral, IFISC (CSIC-UIB).

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Oral presentation

In this communication, we present an example of diversity-induced resonance in a simple opinion formation model.
The model incorporates two basic ingredients for the evolution of the opinion held by an individual: social pressure and the effect of advertising. The heterogeneity in the model appears in that every individual has an intrinsic preference for a particular option. We also consider that the network of interactions has a non-uniform distribution of links. In both cases, there is a resonance effect (optimal synchronisation of the average opinion with respect to the external signal) as a function of parameters measuring the diversity in the distribution of the preferred opinions or the rewiring probability of links.

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks. February 18-20th, 2008. Mallorca, Spain.