Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks

Palma de Mallorca, February 18-20th 2008

The workshop will start early on the morning of February 18th and finish on the afternoon of February 20th. Therefore, it is recommended that you arrive in Palma on Sunday February 17th, or earlier, and leave on the evening of Wednesday February 20th, or later.

Location and transportation

The meeting will be held in the Seminars Room of the "Cientifico-Tecnico" Building, in the UIB campus. If you want to locate this with GoogleEarth or similar, the GPS coordinates are 39° 38' 11.14'' N, 2° 38' 56.25'' E

From the city to the University Campus

The meeting will take place at the Campus of the University of the Balearic Islands, which is about 7Km away from the city center of Palma de Mallorca. Bus number 19 runs frequently between Palma and the Campus (1.10 euros, half an hour trip, but variable depending on traffic). You can ask in your hotel where is the closest bus 19 stop. Alternatively you can take a taxi, which may be convenient if you come in group. There was also a metro service, but it has been discontinued due to flooding and it will not be operating on the workshop days.

From the airport to the city

A taxi from the Airport to any hotel in Palma should cost less than 20 euros. Alternatively, Bus #1 brings you (1.85 euros) from the Airport to "Plaza de España" (or "Plaça de Espanya"), which is in the center of Palma. Most of the recommended hotels are within a 10-20 minutes walk from there (see map at the bottom of this page), or you can take an additional bus or taxi.

From the airport to the University Campus

If you need to go directly from the Airport to the Campus, a taxi (less than half an hour drive) will cost you slightly above 20 euros. Alternatively, Bus #1 brings you (1.85 euros) from the Airport to "Plaza de España" (or "Plaça de Espanya"), where you can take bus #19 to the University (1.10 euros).

Inside the campus

The meeting will be held in the Seminars Room of the "Cientifico-Tecnico" Building, in the UIB campus. The best way to go there is to enter the Mateu Orfila Building (also known as "Facultad de Ciencias") from the main entry, cross it, and exit by the rear door: the entrance to the "Cientifico-Tecnico" Building is just in front of that door. The Seminars Room is in the basement, just left from the entrance.
If you arrive by bus, the first stop in the campus is 300/400 meters from the Mateu Orfila Building. You should leave the bus, continue walking in the bus direction until turning right in the first street, and turn left at the end of that street. You have now the Mateu Orfila Building about 150 meters in front of you. (Here is a map of the campus with the bus stop and the path to Mateu Orfila and Conference Room clearly marked). If you arrive by taxi you can ask the driver to bring you to the Facultad de Ciencias or Mateu Orfila Building. From there on, follow the following graphical steps (and if you have any problem, you can phone IFISC secretary Ms. Marta Ozonas: 971 17 3290):

Two views of the main entry of the Mateu Orfila Building:

Mateu Orfila 1 Mateu Orfila 2

Inside Mateu Orfila

Entering into the Mateu Orfila Building you will find a corridor in front of you. If brings to the rear door and to the "Cientifico-Tecnico" Building. You can ask the concierge just to be sure you are in the right way.

Exit door

At the end of the corridor, turn right, and there is an exit door at your left.

Bus 19 stop

From this exit door, you see the entrance to the "Cientifico-Tecnico" Building


We have obtained an agreement with Diplomatic Services, Mrs. Esperanza Escandell, esperanza_AT_diplomatic-services.com, for the Palladium Hotel. This Hotel is at 7 minutes walking distance to the bus stop at Avenida Argentina, where you can get the bus number 19 that goes directly to the campus of UIB. Esperanza offers a single room for 64,40 € per night, and a double room for 89,60 € including breakfast. Half or full board is not available at this hotel. We will have lunch at a very reasonable price (less than 10 € in the campus. The Palladium is a 3 star hotel, very well located in the center of the city but, although decent, is not precisely a luxurious hotel. Their main advantages are its location and the very good price Mrs. Escandell can offer. Please contact here to make the reservation. Many other alternatives are also possible and you can ask Mrs. Escandell. Suggested hotels sorted by category are:

Misión de San Miguel****
C/ Can Maçanet, 1 a
Tel. 971 21 48 48

Tryp Palma****
C/ Font i Monteros, 23
Tel. 971 170 200

Isla Mallorca****
C/ Alférez Cerdá, 7
Tel. 971 281 200

Av. Jaime III, 9
Tel. 971 72 73 40

Paseo Mallorca, 40
07012 Palma
Tel.971 712 841

C/ Sant Jaime, 3
971 43 54 38
Tel. 971 712942

Ramon Muntaner, 30
Tel. 971 750840

All of them (except the Isla de Mallorca) are at walking distance of Plaza de España, where you can also take bus number 19. You can see their exact location in the map below. For these hotels you can either contact Mrs. Escandell (higly recommended since she will be able to assist you if you need any help, including car rental or other requirements) or contact directly the hotel webpage and make the reservation yourself.

Click here for a map of Palma, with the hotels indicated

Dynamics and evolution of biological and social networks. February 18-20th, 2008. Mallorca, Spain.