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1st BioSim Conference


Expression system modulate the biochemical characteristics of the BCRP transporter – the role of membrane lipid composition

Author: Hristos Glavinas, SOLVO Biotechnology.

Names and affiliation of other authors:
Emese Kis, Ákos Pál, Dóra Méhn, Szilvia Gedey, Tünde Nagy, György Báthori, Péter Krajcsi
SOLVO Biotechnology, Szeged, Hungary

Oral or poster: Oral presentation

Assays utilizing Sf9 insect membrane preparations are widely used to study drug-ABC transporter interactions. Sf9 cells show lower glycosylation of proteins and differences in membrane composition when compared to mammalian cells. We investigated the effect of these differences using different BCRP expression systems and biochemical modification of membrane preparations. We found that modification of the membrane lipid composition markedly changed the activity of the BCRP transporter.

1st BioSim Conference. October 6th to October 8th, 2005. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.