presentation/213 1st BioSim Conference - Presentation

1st BioSim Conference


Parameter Estimation for a Stochastic Model of a Gene Regulatory Network

Author: Eleisa Heron, Warwick University.

Names and affiliation of other authors:
Dr. Barbel Finkenstadt, Warwick University, Prof. David Rand, Warwick University.

Oral or poster: Oral presentation

The circadian rhythm (in Arabidopsis thaliana, for example) results from the dynamic process of regulation of gene expression. A stochastic model for a small regulatory network of genes, consisting of coupled stochastic differential equations, is introduced. The aim is to estimate the parameters of this model using various MCMC techniques.

1st BioSim Conference. October 6th to October 8th, 2005. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.