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Welcome to the European project PHOCUS!

PHOCUS is an acronym and stands for: towards a PHOtonic liquid state machine based on delay-CoUpled Systems.

This research project, funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in the domain of Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-Open), brings together seven groups from four European countries.  With this consortium, comprising high expertise from photonics, neuroscience, nonlinear dynamics, complex systems, and electronic systems, we are exploring and implementing a novel concept of information processing in photonics.

On this web page you will find information on the background of this project, its goals and the advances achieved within the project and beyond. In addition, we will provide job offers, an up-to-date publication list, links to related projects and more.

The Project Consortium (at the Kick-Off meeting in January 2010):


For feedback and suggestions please contact:

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