IFISCNuredduna Computer Cluster

Nuredduna Mosix Software

Software Configuration

Operating System

  • Operating system for nuredduna is Ubuntu Server 64 bit edition with the last available Linux kernel patched with MOSIX.

  • All nodes boot via the Ethernet network and load the Operating System from the IFISC disk server dolsa, so all of them share the same settings.

  • Network is set up so all nodes can be accessed directly from any computer inside IFISC VLAN.

  • Users have the same home directory as in all the other IFISC computers including desktops and servers.


  • MOSIX (http://www.mosix.org) is a patch for the Linux kernel plus some utilities running in the user space that enhance the Linux kernel with cluster computing capabilities.

  • Trough that software layer, users see the cluster as a single Linux computer.

  • MOSIX allows applications to run in remote nodes, as if they where running locally:

    • Kernel patch intercepts all system-calls.

    • Migrates processes without interrupting the calculation.

    • For migrated processes, most of the system-calls are forwarded to home-node, performed there, and results are sent back to the process.

    • A few system-calls can be performed directly on the remote node.

  • MOSIX distributes the computational load among the nodes dynamically:

    • Each node calculates its load: # programs / (#cores*speed).

    • Every few seconds each node compares its load with another one randomly.

    • The load of these two nodes is balanced by migrating one or several programs.

    • Over the time this averages the load automatically without any "central authority".

  • If one node has to be shut down, MOSIX first migrates to another node the programs that have been sent there. That eases maintenance tasks.

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