IFISCNuredduna Computer Cluster

Local Cluster Software

Local Cluster Software

Operating System

  • Operating system for nuredduna is Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 distribution (64 bits) with Kernel 3.2.0

  • All nodes boot via the Ethernet network and load the Operating System from the IFISC disk server canova, so all of them share the same settings.

  • Users have the same home directory as in all the other IFISC computers including desktops and servers.

Batch System

  • Son of Grid Engine, SoGE is a community project that continues Sun's old gridengine ​free software project since Oracle changed the licensing.

  • SoGE allows for unattended background program execution. In particular it is responsible for accepting, scheduling, dispatching, and managing the remote and distributed execution of jobs.

  • SoGE monitors the current state of the worker nodes and assigns the jobs submitted by the users to be executed on nodes with available free cores.

  • SoGE enforces limits on runtime (walltime) as well as the number of jobs running at one time (both total and per user).

  • Users cannot access directly to the nodes, they submit the jobs through a ad hoc virtual computer.

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