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Local Cluster Hardware

Local Cluster Hardware

iDataPlex rack

  • Flexible and modular system. Front cabling and front access keeps service and maintenance costs down.

  • Green computing: Reduced depth and rational wiring layout allows for efficient cooling.

  • Uses less space. Each rack admits up to 84 1U dual processor nodes plus space for switches.

  • Uses less power, up to 40% less energy than usual racks.

  • The IBM iDataPlex has two power distribution units (PDU), each one of them can provide electricity up to 16 dual-node chassis. PDUs can balance efficiently the load between the three electrical phases.

Nodes (Computational units)

  • 48 top rated for both performance and energy efficiency dx360M4 nodes.

  • Each dx360M4 has two state-of-the-art Intel Xeon E5-2630 processors with Sandy Bridge Efficient Performance architecture. The E5-2630 has 6 cores running at a nominal frequency of 2.3 GHz (turbo 2.8GHz) and 4 memory channels for high bandwidth (10600 MB/s per channel). Sandy Bridge cores support AVX instructions for a maximum of 8 double precision floating operations per clock cycle leading to a theoretical maxima of 269 Gflops per node at turbo frequency. Actual linpack tests show an effective performace of 223 Gflops per node.

  • dx360M4 nodes are fit with low consumption DDR3L-10600 with Error Correcting Code (ECC) which ensures data integrity by using an additional parity bit for each byte to detect and correct eventual single-bit errors. 36 of the nodes has 32 GB of memory while the other 12 have 64 GB.

  • Two nodes share a single chassis with a highly efficient 80Plus Platinum 900W power supply.

  • Nodes are diskless


  • Computational units are connected through two dedicated Gigabit Ethernet lans, one for management and operative system and the other for communications with the home servers.

  • Switches are connected among them through the IFISC Vlan on the campus network.

  • Nodes are connected through two dedicated Gigabit Ethernet networks using three 50-port SMC8150L2 Switches. One Gbit network is used exclusively for data input/output (user’s home directories are mounted through this network). The second Gbit network carries management and other ethernet traffic.

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