IFISCNuredduna Computer Cluster

Local Cluster

Local Cluster

This is a linux computer cluster to perform simultaneously a large number of scientific computations as quickly and efficiently as possible (High Throughput Computing) for exclusive use of IFISC researchers.

The present configuration is composed of several parts. The computational work is carried out by an IBM iDataPlex system with 48 dual processor nodes with a grand total of 576 cores and 1.92 TB of RAM. Users do not interact directly with them. Instead users interact with a front-end which is a virtual computer. The front-end is configured in a fully transparent way for the user which has the same home directory as in all IFISC desktops and servers. Another virtual computer distributes the load to the computational worker nodes.

Nuredduna runs Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 (64 bits) with Kernel 3.2.0 and uses the open-source batch queuing system Son of Grid Engine for accepting, scheduling, dispatching, and managing the remote and distributed execution of the jobs. KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is used for virtualization of the front end and the load scheduler.

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