IFISCNuredduna Computer Cluster

Nuredduna Computer System

Nuredduna System

The main tool for intensive calculations is the Nuredduna system intended for High Throughput Computing.

Nuredduna has two parts:

  • a local cluster with 576 computational cores and a total of 1.8TB of RAM and
  • a grid cluster with 544 computational cores, 1TB of RAM and 96 TB of raw storage within the Grid-CSIC initiative to promote e-science.

Nuredduna is mantained by IFISC Computing Services Unit

Why Nuredduna?

Nuredduna is the Mediterranean counterpart of the anglosaxon myth on the warrior Beowulf. She is a fiction heroine in the poem "La deixa del geni grec" (1900) by the Majorcan writer Costa i Llobera. The character is inspired on a prehistoric epic story during the first invasions of the island of Mallorca by the greeks. Granddaughter of a Highest Priest, Nuredduna was the Sybil of a talayotic tribe in the caves of Arta. Unlike Beowulf's relying in his physical force, her strength was love. Giving her life to save Homero's, Nuredduna became the symbol of the union of Mallorca with the foreign greek civilization.  

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