IFISCNuredduna Computer Cluster

Nuredduna Grid Software

Software Configuration

  • Operating System for nuredduna grid cluster is Scientific Linux 6.3 for 64 bit, since its primary purpose is to reduce duplicated effort of the labs.

  • The Batch Queue System used is Son of Grid Engine 8.0.0e, SoGE, a community project that continues Sun's old gridengine ​free software project since Oracle changed the licensing.

  • A high-performance shared-disk clustered file system developed by IBM, GPFS, is the filesystems integrated in nuredduna.

  • gLite UMD-2 is the grid middleware running on nuredduna. The model used by gLite is the construction of different services or node-types.

    The services currently installed in nuredduna are:

    • User Interface: Users and applications use it to access the gLite services

    • site BDII: The Site Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) collects information of the other node types installed in a site, and published them to the top-BDII.

    • Storage Element: Disk storage management, this node handles the storage on disk servers. The filesystem used at disk servers is GPFS.

    • Computing Element: is a service for job management, accepts job submission requests from a WMS or from a User Interface. This node connects the jobs with the batch system execution nodes.

    • Worker Nodes: Clients required to run jobs sent by the Computing Element. This nodes are SoGE execution nodes.

    Other nodes needed to work but not installed at IFISC are:

    • LCG File Catalog: It is a data catalog containing logical to physical file mappings. Worker Nodes and Computing Elements will use this data to get the correct files to work with.

    • Workload Management System: Is the responsible of the distribution and management of tasks across grid resources. The WMS passes the submission request to the appropiate Computing Element for execution, taking into account the requiremetns and the preferences expressed in the job description.

    • top BDII: The information collected by site BDIIs is collected by the top BDII. This information is centralized there to be looked up by the WMS.

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