Participant contribution

3D Coherent Structures from Large Eddy Simulations of the Ocean's Surface

  • Author: Tamay Ozgokmen, RSMAS/MPO, University of Miami.

  • Oral or poster: oral.

  • Abstract:
    The ocean's surface mixed layer is important not only because of a number of practical problems, such as the transport of biogeochemical tracers, pollutants and oil spills, but it also is essential for developing a fundamental understanding of the energy cascade between the geostrophic mesoscale and turbulent microscale. The ocean's bottom flows are critical to complete the overturning circulation in the ocean.

    A series of large eddy simulations is used to assess transport properties in multi-scale flows. In particular, we compare scale-dependent measures of Lagrangian relative dispersion, the evolution of passive tracer releases and 3D finite-time Lyapunov exponents in upper ocean models containing only submesoscale mixed layer instabilities and those containing mixed layer instabilities modified by deeper, baroclinic mesoscale disturbances. A similar analysis is undertaken in order to explore whether upwelling can be carried out by submesoscale flow instabilities at the ocean's bottom.
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