Participant contribution

Interaction between a surface vortex with a topographic feature in a three-layered geophysical flow

  • Author: Evgeny Ryzhov, Pacific Oceanological Institute.

  • Names of other authors: Konstantin Koshel.

  • Oral or poster: oral.

  • Downloadable presentation/poster: click here.

  • Abstract:
    We investigate advection of Lagrangian particles due to the interaction between a surface vortex and a isolated topographic feature in a three-layered analytical model of a geophysical flow. The interaction between the surface vortex and the topographic feature results in complex, including chaotic, advection of Lagrangian particles, which are initially located in the vicinity of the topographic feature. We demonstrate a number of dynamical patterns of the advection. The realization of a pattern depends on the model's parameters, namely, the circulation and initial position of the surface vortex, layer's depths and densities. While dynamical patterns are quite complicated, one can single out two most signifcant processes, which account for the advection. The first one is alternating of the system phase portrait with time, so flowing regions periodically appear in the vicinity of the topographic feature. The second one is the appearance of chaotic advection due to nonstationarity of the flow.
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