Participant contribution

Lagrangian fronts with favourable fishery conditions

  • Author: S.V. Prants, Pacific Oceanological Institute .

  • Names of other authors: M.V. Budyansky, M.Yu. Uleysky .

  • Oral or poster: oral.

  • Downloadable abstract: click here.

  • Abstract:
    We apply the Lagrangian approach to study surface transport and mixing in the west-northern Pacific using the velocity data derived from satellite altimeter measurements.New tools [1,2] have been elaborated to track the motion of water masses,their origin and fate and to quantify transport and mixing.The main attention is paid to study the interaction of the Kuroshio current with the rings originating from the jet. We track in detail typical mechanisms of detachment of eddies, their life and merging with the jet. Influence of the Kuroshio rings on fishery conditions near Kuril and Hokkaido islands is studied.

    1. S.V. Prants, M.V. Budyansky, V.I. Ponomarev, M.Yu. Uleysky. Lagrangian study of transport and mixing in a mesoscale eddy street. Ocean modelling. V. 38 (2011) 114.

    2. S.V. Prants, M.Yu. Uleysky, M.V. Budyansky. Numerical simulation of propagation of radioactive pollution in the ocean from the Fukushima-Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Doklady Earth Sciences. V. 439 (2011) 1179.
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