Participant contribution

A multi-objective approach to an atmospheric pollution problem

  • Author: Lino J. Alvarez Vazquez, Universidad de Vigo.

  • Names of other authors: Nestor Garcia-Chan Aurea Martinez Miguel E. Vazquez-Mendez.

  • Oral or poster: poster.

  • Downloadable abstract: click here.

  • Abstract:
    This work deals with the problem of determining the optimal location of a new industrial plant, considering the framework of numerical simulation and multi-objective optimal control of partial differential equations (PDE). We take into account both
    ecological and economic objectives, and we look not only for the optimal location of the plant but also for the optimal management
    of its emissions to atmosphere. With these purposes in mind, we propose a mathematical model (a system of parabolic PDE) to
    simulate air pollution and, based on this model, we formulate the problem in the field of multi-objective optimal control. This
    problem is studied here from a cooperative point of view, looking for Pareto-optimal solutions. A numerical algorithm (via a
    characteristics-Galerkin discretization of the adjoint model) is proposed, and preliminary numerical results for a hypothetical situation in the region of Galicia (NW Spain) are also presented.
    (More details in adjoint extended abstract).
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