Statistical physics in biological systems



  1. Introduction to proteins and biological membranes.
    1. Membrane structure and function.
    2. Molecular forces.
    3. Principles of statistical mechanics of polymers.
  2. A model membrane.
    1. Self-assembly of surfactant molecules.
    2. Microstructural transitions in surfactant systems.
    3. Fluid-like structures: Micelles, bilayers and biological membranes.
  3. Simple models for proteins and protein folding.
  4. The lipid-protein interaction.
    1. Protein segregation.
    2. An application to prion disease.
  5. Translocation of membrane proteins.
    1. Membrane curvature and voltage.
    2. The hydrophobic effect.
  6. Ion-channels.
    1. Basic models.
    2. Self-gating and collective effects.
  7. Molecular motors.
  8. Computer simulation techniques
    1. Metropolis Monte-Carlo
    2. Molecular dynamics.
    3. Long range forces and the Ewald summation.