Collective phenomena in social dynamics



  1. Social Consensus. Interaction mechanisms: Imitation, majority rule, social pressure.
    • Schelling´s segregation model.
  2. Voter Model.
    • Mean field.
    • Dynamics in regular lattices and complex networks. Dynamical metastability. Absorbing and survival times.
    • Abrams-Strogatz extension. Language competition. Prestige and volatility.
  3. Diffusion and Contagion Processes.
    • Epidemic propagation. SIR and SIS models.
    • Social learning. Rumor spreading.
    • Influence.
  4. Threshold Models.
    • Granovetter´s model. Weak links.
    • Bounded confidence models
    • Crowd dynamics. Swarms.
  5. Axelrod´s model for cultural dissemination.
    • Globalization-Polarization transition in regular and complex networks.
    • Cultural drift.
    • Mass media effects.
  6. Game theory models.
    • Ultimatum game.
    • Coordination game.
    • Cooperation. Prisoner´s dilemma game.
  7. Coevolution of states and interaction networks. Group formation.