Quantum trajectories of dissipative time-crystals

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MdM Quantum Meeting

Recent experiments with dense laser-driven atomic gases [G. Ferioli et  al., arXiv:2207.10361 (2022)] have realized a many-body system which in the thermodynamic limit yields a so-called boundary time-crystal. This state of matter is stabilized by the competition between coherent driving and collective dissipation. The aforementioned experiment in principle allows to gain in situ information on the nonequilibrium dynamics of the system by observing the state of the output light field. We show that the photon count signal as well as the homodyne current allow to identify and characterize critical behavior at the time-crystal phase transition. At the transition point the dynamics of the emission signals feature slow drifts, which are interspersed with sudden strong fluctuations. We furthermore show that the time-integrated homodyne current can serve as a useful dynamical order parameter. From this perspective the time-crystal can be viewed as a state of matter in which different oscillation patterns coexist.

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Gonzalo Manzano

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