Introduction to Multispectral Satellite Remote Sensing and its Applications

Joan Bauzà

Joan Bauzà is a geographer and 'professor associat' in the Geography Department at UIB. He is member of the CLIMARIS group.

The presentation aims to be a brief journey through the present moment of Satellite Remote Sensing in Earth Observation. The intention is to observe beyond the pixel value, showing practical and real examples where Remote Sensing techniques may contribute to improve the analysis of a territory.

We will start by showing some basic physical principles of Satellite Remote Sensing (mainly multispectral, but also SAR and LiDAR). We will then continue by explaining the different current platforms and sensors and end by visiting the available image’s archives.

Finally, the island of Mallorca will become a lab on which we will show real cases of applied Remote Sensing to Earth Observation and how those techniques become a key partner in understanding the changes in its landscape. We will also insist on how important it is to take a holistic approach, avoiding the temptation to exclusively rely on the huge amount of Remote Sensing data available today.

The Talk has been organized for members of the SuMaEco project and only a VERY small number of seats are available due to Covid-19 capacity limitations. Please, email the organizer if you are really interested in participating and broadcasting is not enough for you.

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Manuel Matías
971 17 33 83
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