IFISC-MdM personnel


All IFISC researchers contribute to the MdM scientific program. IFISC’s working environment seeks coherence and integration from diversity, interactions and scientific dialogue.

Personnel hired within the MdM program:

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Sungguen Ryul

    Sungguen Ryu

  • Giulia Ruzzene

    Giulia Ruzzene

  • Christos Charalambous

    Christos Charalambous

  • Andrea Tabi

    Andrea Tabi

  • Lucia Ramirez

    Lucía Ramirez

PhD Students

  • Marco Cattaneo

    Marco Cattaneo

  • Irene Estébanez

    Irene Estébanez

  • Rodrigo Martínez

    Rodrigo Martínez

  • Giovanni Donati

    Giovanni Donati

  • Thomas Louf

    Thomas Louf

  • María Martínez

    María Martínez-Barbeito

  • Alejandro Almodóvar

    Alejandro Almodóvar

  • Beatriz Arregui

    Beatriz Arregui

  • Javier Galvan

    Javier Galván

  • Jorge Medina

    Jorge Medina

  • Annalisa Caligiuri

    Annalisa Caligiuri

  • juandegregorio

    Juan De Gregorio

  • Javier Aguilar

    Javier Aguilar

  • Jaime Sánchez

    Jaime Sánchez

  • Violeta Calleja

    Violeta Calleja

Technical and administrative staff

  • Project manager

    Simona Obreja

    Simona Obreja

  • Computing and data technician

    Eduard Solivellas

    Eduard Solivellas

  • Communication and dissemination

    Adrián García

    Adrián García

MdM Alumni

  • Luíño F. Seoane

    Luíño F. Seoane

  • Johannes Nokkala

    Johannes Nokkala

  • Andre Rohm

    Andre Röhm


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