Synchronization and subradiance as signatures of entangling bath between superconducting qubits

Cattaneo, Marco; Giorgi, Gian Luca; Maniscalco, Sabrina; Paraoanu, Gheorghe Sorin; Zambrini, Roberta
Submitted (2021)

A common environment acting on two superconducting qubits can give rise to a plethora of phenomena, such
as the generation of entanglement between the qubits that, beyond its importance for quantum computation tasks, also enforces a change of strategy in quantum error correction protocols. Further effects induced by a common bath are quantum synchronization and subradiance. Contrary to entanglement, for which full-state to- mography is necessary, the latter can be assessed by detection of local observables only. In this work we explore different regimes to establish when synchronization and subradiance can be employed as reliable signatures of an entangling common bath. Moreover, we address a recently proposed measure of the collectiveness of the dynamics driven by the bath, and find that it almost perfectly witnesses the behavior of entanglement. Finally, we propose an implementation of the model based on two transmon qubits capacitively coupled to a common resistor, which may be employed as a versatile quantum simulation platform of the open system in general regimes.

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