Synchronization and coalescence in a dissipative two-qubit system

Cabot, Albert; Giorgi, Gian Luca; Zambrini, Roberta
Submitted (2021)

The possibility for detuned spins to display synchronous oscillations in local observables is analyzed in the presence of collective dissipation and incoherent pumping. We show that there exist two distinct mechanisms that can give rise to synchronization, that is, subradiance and coalescence. The former, known as transient synchronization, is here generalized in the presence of pumping and is due to long-lasting coherences. In the same set-up, even if under different conditions, coalescence and exceptional points are found which can lead to regimes where the relevant Liouvillian sectors have a single oscillation frequency. We show that synchronization can be established after steady phase-locking occurs. Distinctive spectral features of synchronization by subradiance and by coalescence are reported for two-time correlations.

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