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Microsatellite markers for the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera

by Alberto F, Whitmer A, Coelho A, Zippay M, Varela-Alvarez E, Raimondi PT, Reed D, Serrão EA.
Conservation Genetics. 10:1915-1917 (2009)
Output type: publication

We report the isolation and characterization of 16 microsatellite loci to study the population genetics of the giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera. Markers were obtained by screening a genomic library enriched for microsatellite motifs. Of the 37 primer pairs defined, 16 amplified clean polymorphic microsatellites and are described. These loci identified a number of alleles ranging from three to forty (mean = 16.5, and gene diversity ranging from 0.469 to 0.930 (mean = 0.774). The isolation and characterization of these highly polymorphic markers will greatly benefit much needed studies on the molecular ecology of this important macroalga.