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Zostera marina microsatellites

by Arnaud-Haond et al.
manuscript in preparation
Output type: data

The seagrass Zostera marina has an extensive distribution in the Northern hemisphere and this dataset of 7 meadows collected with two quadrates per replicate was gathered to focused on i) its diversity in Brittany, that has been shown as a hotspot for genetic diversity, ii) also its high phenotypic plasticity as we also aimed at assessing the status of the morph \\\\\\\'angustifolia\\\\\\\' that appears as a connecting entity in the core part of the network, supporting its status as an ecotype rather than a different species, and iii)its fine grained genetic structure that has shown a for of genetic patchiness similar to that observed for many marine invertebrates, suggesting a patchwork and heterogeneous composition of meadows likely due to the integration of successive events of recruitment through \\\\\\\'windows of opportunity\\\\\\\', and questioning the usefulness of the genetic concept of population for this kind of clonal species.