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Cymodocea nodosa microsatellite data

by Alberto F, Massa S, Manent P, Diaz-Almela E, Arnaud-Haond S, Duarte CM, Serrão EA
Journal of Biogeography 35, 1279 – 1294 (2008).
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Available files:
Data Biogeografia Cymodocea nodosa ramets MLGs.xls
Geographical coordinates for C nodosa.txt

These files contain the microsatellite genotypes for every ramet sampled in Alberto et al (2008). There are columns for Population (1st), Ramet labels (2nd), x and y spatial coordinates inside the population (3rd and 4th) when available, genet label (5th). From the 6th column onwards there is allelic information, two columns per locus. There are a total of eight loci. The second file has the latitude and longitude of sites (populations) sampled.