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1st BioSim Conference


Aarons, Leon (leon.aarons at
The University of Manchester
The Role of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling and Simulation in Drug Development

Akman, Ozgur (oakman at
Warwick University
A novel mechanism for temperature compensation

Altinok, Atilla (aaltinok at
ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Arenas, Jessica (jessi_polux at

Bacelar, Flora S. (florabacelar at
A comparative analysis of time-delayed models of cancer therapies at the vascular stage

Barter, Zoe (z.barter at
University of Sheffield

Belke, Marcus (belke at
Institute of Physiology, University of Marburg
A mathematical model of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

Berg-Sřrensen, Kirstine (kirstine.berg-sorensen at
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark
Biophysics at the cellular level: Models and analysis for optical tweezers experiments

Bermejo, Marival (mbermejo at
Universidad de Valencia
A simple physiological-pharmacokinetic model to simulate bioequivalence trials

Bermejo, Marival (mbermejo at
Universidad de Valencia
Kinetic analysis of cortisol transport in a Blood Brain Barrier Model

Bernard, Samuel (samba720 at

Beuter, Anne (anne.beuter at
Institute of Cognitive Sciences
Toward multiscale modeling of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease

Bouvier d´Yvoire, Michel (michel.bouvier-dyvoire at
European Commission Joint Research Centre

Braun, Hans Albert (braun at
Institute of Physiology, University of Marburg
Course: Computer Simulations in Life-Science Education

Brown, Paul (paul at
Warwick Systems Biology Centre, Coventry House, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK
The Development of Data Analysis and Simulation Software Tools for the Circadian Biology Community

Bruggeman, Frank (frank.bruggeman at
Molecular Cell Physiology, Vrije universiteit, Amsterdam, 2. Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology , Manchester I
Dynamics robustness of cellular function

Casabo, Vicente G. (vgcasabo at
Universidad de Valencia

Casanovas, Alexandra (alexandra at
IMEDEA Administrator

Cedersund, Gunnar (gunnar at
Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre
A core-box model for insulin signalling in fat cells

Clairambault, Jean (jean.clairambault at
Modelling circadian rhythm with tumour growth

Clemensen, Anne Marie (am.clemensen at
Technical University of Denmark

Colding-Jorgensen, Morten (mcj at
Novo Nordisk A/S
The Continued Tale of BioSlim

Colet, Pere (pere at

Danř, Sune (sdd at
University of Copenhagen
Estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters in vivo

Debenham, Janine (janine at
Diplomatic Services

Eliasson, Lena (lena.eliasson at
Dept Clinical Sciences, Lund University
The Exocytotic Process in Pancreatic A-and B-Cells

Escandell, Esperanza ()
Diplomatic Services

Figueroa H., V. Carolina (carolina at
Nonlinear Dynamics Group, Institute of Physics, University of Potsdam
Wavelet Based Synchronization Analysis of Thalamocortical Signals

Filipski, Elisabeth (filipski at
Effects of circadian disruption through chronic jet-lag on oxaliplatin chronopharmacology in mice.

Foth, Heidi (heidi.foth at
Martin Luther University

Fuglsang, Anders (Anders.Fuglsang at
Norwegian Regulatory Agency

Galvanovskis, Juris (juris.galvanovskis at
Oxford University
The probability of exocytosis in pancreatic β-cells

García Arieta, Alfredo (agarciaa at
Head of the Pharmacokinetic Section. Human Use Medicines. Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Care Products

Gedey, Szilvia (kaszaky at
SOLVO Biotechnology
Comparison of cell based and membrane based high throughput assays for the detection of drugs interacting with the BCRP transporter

Gerard, Claude (cgerard1 at
Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.)

Glavinas, Hristos (kaszaky at
SOLVO Biotechnology
Expression system modulate the biochemical characteristics of the BCRP transporter – the role of membrane lipid composition

Goldbeter, Albert (agoldbet at
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Gonzalez, Isabel (Isabel.Gonzalez at
University of Valencia

Gorbach, Alexander (gorbacha at
Assesment of rat renal perfussion using infrared imaging. Joint NIH Biosim Research

Goryanin, Igor (goryanin at
University of Edinburgh

Granada, Adrian (a.granada at
Institute for Theoretical Biology

Gürtler, Hanne (hg at
Living United Consult
Key input to 3R´s

Hallgreen, Christine (CHEH at
DTU/Novo Nordisk A/S

Hansen, René Normann (rnha at
Novo Nordisk A/S

Helboe, Per (ph at
Danish Medicines Agency

Hemmeter, Ulrich Michael (hemmeter at
University of Marburg
Mental disorders and related disturbances of sleep cycles and hormal secretion

Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio (emilio at

Heron, Eleisa (e.heron at
Warwick University
Parameter Estimation for a Stochastic Model of a Gene Regulatory Network

Herrada, E. Alejandro (alejandro at

Holden, Arun (arun at
Univ Leeds
3-D spatio-temporal behaviour in excitable systems: from propagation to arryththmias

Holstein-Rathlou, Niels-H. (niels at
University of Copenhagen
Collective oscillations in nephron systems

Huber, Martin (huberm at
University of Marburg, Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Härdin, Hanna (hanna.hardin at
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Model reduction of glycolysis in yeast

Jamei, Masoud (m.jamei at
Simcyp Ltd

Jehenson, Philippe (philippe.jehenson at

Jirstrand, Mats (matsj at
Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre

Karanauskaite, Jovita (jovita.karanauskaite at
Oxford University

Knudsen, Carsten (Carsten.knudsen at
Danish Technical University

Komin, Niko (niko at
Absorption of farmeceuticals through cell monolayers

Korsgaard, Thomas Vagn (tvko at
DTU/Novo Nordisk A/S

Krajcsi, Peter (kaszaky at
SOLVO Biotechnology

Krishna, Sandeep (sandeep at
Niels Bohr Institute
Modelling oscillations in NFkB and p53 transcription factors

Larsen, Peter (am.clemensen at
Danish Technical University

Levi, Francis (levi-f at
INSERM U776 “Rythmes biologiques et cancers”, hôpital Paul Brousse, Villejuif
Gender, a determinant of toxicity and survival in cancer patients receiving circadian chronotherapy

Li, Pan (bmbpli at
University of Leeds
A computational framework to study the possible mechanism of premature and full term labour

Li, Qiyuan (qiyuan at
Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, BioCentrum, Technical University of Denmark

Li, Xiao-Mei (li at
INSERM U776 ``Rythmes biologiques et cancers´´ & Université Paris Sud, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Villejuif
Dynamic circadian control of tumor cell cycle in mice

Mackey, Michael C. (michael.mackey at
McGill University
Mathematical Models of Gene Regulation

Madsen, Mads (mfm at
University of Copenhagen
A Framework for Whole-Body Modelling

Manku, Mehar S (mmanku at
Amarin Neuroscience Ltd

Matías, Manuel (manuel at

Mazin, Wiktor (wiktor.mazin at
DTU, Dept. of Physics

Mensonides, Femke (femke.mensonides at
EML Research, Heidelberg

Merino, Virginia (virginia.merino at
University of Valencia
Permeability comparison between different cell lines

Meyer, Thomas (thomas.meyer at
iAS, interActive Systems GmbH
Brainlike Principles for Information Discovery in Life Science

Modolo, Julien (modolo at
Institut de Cognitique

Mosekilde, Erik (Erik.mosekilde at
Danish Technical University

Naudot, Vincent (vijnc at
Warwick University
Bifurcations of a predator-prey model with non-monotonic response function

Navarro, Carmen (m.carmen.navarro at
University of Valencia
Sparse sampling designs: a new method for estimating the complete AUC and its standard error

Oláh, Judit (olju at
Institute of Enzymology, Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Energy metabolism in conformational diseases

Olling, Martin (martin.olling at
Medicines Evaluation Board, The Netherlands
Models and the licensing process of medicinal products

Ovádi, Judit (ovadi at
Institute of Enzymology, Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Pedersen, Morten Gram (m.g.pedersen at
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark
Glycolytic and mitochondrial dynamics drives different calcium patterns in beta-cells

Perrett, Helen (mdp05hfp at
University of Sheffield
Hepatic Expression of CYP3A5 in Individuals Carrying the CYP3A5 *1 Allele

Pigolotti, Simone (simone.pigolotti at
Patterns of oscillations in genetic feedback loops

Postnova, Svetlana (postnova at
Institute of Physiology, Philipps University of Marburg
Synchronization and Sensitivity of Two Electrically Coupled Model Neurons

Quistorff, Bjřrn (bq at
U. of Copenhagen
Regulation of muscle energy metabolism

Ragan, C. Ian (ragan_ian_nonlilly at
Eli Lilly

Rand, David (dar at
University of Warwick
A new approach to sensitivity analysis, parameter reduction and experimental optimisation for cellular network dynamics.

Rapin, Nicolas (nrapin at
Center for biological sequence analysis, CBS, Technical University of Denmark

Rostami-Hodjegan, Amin (a.rostami at
University of Sheffield

Rowland, Malcolm (MRow190539 at
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester

Schmidt, Henning (henning at

Schneider, Horst (hschneid at
Institute of Physiology, University of Marburg

Schneider, Yves-Jacques (yjs at
Laboratoire de Biochimie cellulaire, Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV) , Université Catholique de Louvain
Physiological basis of the description of absorption mechanisms

Sher, Anna (anna.sher at
Oxford University
Modelling and interpreting the consequences of Ca2+ influx via Na+/Ca2+ exchanger within T-tubules on SR release

Sher, Anna (anna.sher at
Oxford University
Course: Introduction to CellML and COR

Sintes, Tomas (tomas at

Skovgaard, Rune Gottlieb (rgs at
Living United Consult

Smolinski, Joerg (joerg.smolinski at
Technical University Dresden, Institute of Biochemistry
Comparative study of xenobiotic metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells and human Hep G2 liver cells

Smolinski, Joerg (joerg.smolinski at
Technical University Dresden, Institute of Biochemistry
In situ determination of absorption rate constant of beta-ketoesters in rats

Smolinski, Joerg (joerg.smolinski at
Technical University Dresden, Institute of Biochemistry
Study of drug metabolism of chloramphenicol and propiverine in yeast cells under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Smolinski, Joerg (joerg.smolinski at
TU Dresden, Institute of Biochemistry
Small molecules as representative model compounds for drug metabolism

Steffansen, Bente (bds at
Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Targeting peptide transporters

Stralfors, Peter (peter.stralfors at
Linköping University

Sřrensen, Preben Graae (pgs at
Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

Tang, Sanyi (tsy at
The University of Warwick

Tessone, Claudio J. (tessonec at
Coherent behavior induced by network disorder

Thomas, Arthur (ajt at
Proteus/Oxford University

Toral, Raúl (raul at
Diversity induced resonance

Tvrdonova, Martina (tvrdonova.martina at
Slovak University of Technology
Silico Man Analysis and CCSS Method in Pharmacokinetics

Wegner, Sven (svenwegner at
University of Marburg, Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology
Menthol effects in whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings of hypothalamic neurons

Welink, Jan (j.welink at
Medicines Evaluation Board

Wendt, Anna (anna.wendt at
Dept Clinical Sciences in Malmö, Lund University

Westerhoff, Hans V. (hans.westerhoff at
Vrije University, Amsterdam
Course: Hands-on silicon cell modelling

Westermark, Pĺl (p.westermark at
Institute for theoretical biology (ITB)

Wollweber, Bastian Tobias (wollwebb at
University of Marburg, Department of Physiology
Modulation of Hypothalamic Temperature Sensitivity by Menthol

Zaikin, Alexei (a.zaikin at
Potsdam University
Variety of Dynamical Regimes in Noisy Relaxatory Genetic Oscillators

Zemanová, Lucia (zemanova at
AGNLD, Institute of physics, University of Potsdam
Hierarchical organisation of dynamical clusters in complex brain networks

1st BioSim Conference. October 6th to October 8th, 2005. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.